Located in Encinitas, California, CONTINUITY is a fully-integrated marketing communications agency acclaimed for its depth of expertise and experience. Our guiding philosophy is a simple one: Never stop reaching, Never stop evolving. Inspired by this philosophy, we’ve become bold travelers on a continuous journey of discovery -- with no end in sight.

Every step of this voyage is an enlightening experience, offering us golden opportunities to become better acquainted with our clients. What are their goals and problems? How do they define their culture? Do they require more brand awareness, greater market penetration, improved prospect perception? Their answers provide the brick and mortar with which we build powerful marketing strategies – and ultimately highly-productive, long-term relationships.

The hallmark of every CONTINUITY marketing solution, from concept to implementation, is innovation. Conventional simply isn't in our vocabulary. True, venturing into new territory requires a rare blend of energy, insight, and courage not needed for the same-old-same-old. But the extra effort makes the journey much more rewarding for both our clients and us.